Jun 20
- Started working on solverscan, a dedicated explorer for deligated transactions using rust.
- Started logging what I am working on
- Currently studying derivatives and integration in-depth, moving towards probability and linear algebra.
- Mechanism design course in progress
- Solver protocol needs more research, so it will continue alongside solverscan

Jun 22
- Started adding Cowswap to Solverscan, and worked on API spec of how everything fits together. Made the landing page live on https://solverscan.io  
- I will be logging and updating my thinking process by recording my project's progress using OBS on my ubuntu 22 machine. Hopefully, this will help me improve my speaking skills and evaluate my process and fine-tune it.

Jun 29
- Was my birthday, one of the best birthdays yet. Lots of surprises and love.

July 4
- So past couple of days have been really productive, created solverscan.io, and the entire backend is on top of rust. Really loving Rust, it has a steep learning curve but once you get past that man is it worth it
- https://solverscan.io is live and has cowswap now, it has leaderboards and a solver dashboard as well. Really proud of my work.
- The tech stack is Nextjs for the front end, and the backend is on top of Rust and PostgreSQL. All blockchain interactions are from alloy-rs. Really cool library.

July 11
- Added UniswapX and 1Inch on chain decoding to Solverscan, 1-inch is bit nuanced in their approach involving multiple settlement contracts, need to deep dive a bit for more accuracy.
- Leaderboards are live too : https://www.solverscan.io/leaderboard/uniswapx ,https://www.solverscan.io/leaderboard/1inch
- Improved queries for the backend, so I made a token metadata query of 5kb every second, to account for freshness. It was not efficient. Instead backend now sends the filtered token data in the transaction response itself. It Saves query time as well as bandwidth.
- I need to work on pricing a bit better, working on syncing uniswap and curve amms for the latest pricing, let's see how that goes.
- Based on the analysis people are clicking on the ecosystem page, need to work on that. Cheers to a good day!  

July 16
- Started working on bridging data, tried to do on-chain analysis of bridging and it crashed the server given how intensive block indexing is. Kudos to the team that is actually doing the work on multi-chain indexing. It's a hard problem.
- I rewrote the deBridge analysis code thrice because it just didn't work. Now parsing the data based on their stats API. It is good enough for now.
- Look's like there is perps category as well in the intent landscape, added that to the list. Will have more data soon.
- There are almost 50 active daily users on https://solverscan.io at the moment, hopefully more solvers and users check the site out.
- Restarted my violin classes, oh man! my fingers hurt a lot. Been told to redo the strength training exercises, will do that. Thanks to my partner for pushing me.  

July 17
- Debridge is live! Will add more protocols slowly.
- Because of experience I understood how to keep everything dirt cheap but this won't work in the long run. Hopefully as more users use the site, can think of scaling.
- Rethinking everything I thought about solvers protocol, the earlier framework was good but it's not easy to build. So deciding to set up a small project and scale it over time.
- Had applied to multiple accelerators and rejected by all. Not sure what is wrong with my applications. I need to take some time to reanalyse them.

July 18
- I started sharing my work on the bridge update available here: https://solverscan.io/bridge, man getting attention is hard. I am not sure where I am heading yet but experimenting with my ideas and building rapid prototypes. Having fun but also getting burnt out. It's giving me new perspectives.
- Started to understand why doing things all alone is not a scalable approach, you have a limited amount of energy you can put into something. I think money gets you to buy energy from people. That's such an important piece humans have invented for easier collaboration. There are other things than money obviously but still, working for money as that's the vast majority if you consider a normal distribution because people have independent thoughts.  
- For the protocol, I will definitely build a dream team where everyone is given growth with loads of fun attached.

July 19
- Added Across to Solverscan. It's indexing now and should be ready with aggregate tmrw.  Will start sharing across the platforms tmrw.
- Added average time for bridging
- Road to becoming a solver and building the protocol started, accumulating all the resources and research materials.
- Have setup Artemis to try to understand MeV landscape from solvers pov. Will share my journey as I progress.
- I will take a break for a few days, my eyes are burning from burnout. Gotta rest before I resume.
- Reapplying to all the accelerators :) Pray for me!

Just ping incase you wanna know more : Telegram

This log is inspired by DeGatchi  

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