Founder's Villa led me through metamorphosis.

Founder's Villa led me through metamorphosis.
Founder's Villa.

We as blockend team arrived at Nas House on Feb 24th a saturday morning, as soon as I enter the villa I found no people, everyone was tired of working overnight. Soon people start waking up and I started to meet people. Met amazing people and we went to have Karak Chai at Five crowns(These guys are life savers) that morning. That's how it was started. As soon as I started having coversation with these founders, my world view changed completely. My views on world and Solana before I came here was very miopic, everything changed once I started to understand people's perspetive on world. The diversity in ideas and world view totally change. Thanks to Alex the legend for actually making this happen.

Soon I started to meet people from all over the world, my world view kept updating till the last day. For fun there was pool which you can jump into any time. We did go on couple of expeditions during weekdays and during weekends you get desert safaris, dinners outside. Privileged in a way to be a part of something this wonderful.

We stayed there for 2 weeks, we started working on solstation, a gasless payment dapp during our time there. We conceptualized while we were brainstorming randomly and got to work immediately. This is one of that OPOS (only possible on solana) projects. There's a lot thats going on with this project, new doors are opening as we progress adding new things. I personally am a lot involved in this.

Me , Sohail and Chinmay the Blockend Team, we had a lot of fun during our time there. We rented bikes and roamed all around downtown Dubai at 2 am in the morning. Will surely recall that memory of a lifetime

I'm the one on the right most, followed by Chinamy and Sohail from right to left. 

Before I left, all I could think was why did I not get a bit more curious on whats happening in the solana community a little earlier. People are a lot nicer and happy to share knowledge and I really wised I was involved the community a lot sooner.

I realized that what the kind of question you ask yourself will decide where you will end up in life. I came to a conclusion to ask tough questions. There is always a tingling in your gut when you have to ask tough questions and some of them even scare you that you try to never ask those questions, don't stop. Face the tough questions before it catches your off guard during important moments. I assume both of my team members grown exponentially while they were present there.

Ever since I came back, I am constantly enjoying building , working on very interesting things and asking tough questions to myself.  

Thanks for making it till the end.


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